Using drop shippers

You can setup the e-Store to use drop shippers, which will allow you to specify another address of where the product will be shipped from.  Use can use this if a product is going to be shipping from the manufacturer or from another vendor.  Below are the instructions to set this up.

Adding the drop shipper

1. Log into your e-Store Control Panel
2. Select the Home tab
3. Make sure “Advanced Mode” is set to on.  If it is not, click the text, which will turn it on
4. Press the Catalog tab
5. Select Vendors from the category bar to the left

Note: If you want to ship from a manufacturer, select "Manufacturers"

6. Press the New button
7. Fill out the fields with your drop shipper's information

Note: At first, you may want to use your own email address to verify the notices are going to send correctly.

8. Press the Save Changes button

Assigning products to the vendor or manufacturer

1. Select the Catalog tab
2.  Select Products from the category bar to the left
3. In the Product window, select Keyword/SKU from the Search By drop-down menu at the top of the screen, then press the Find button.  (This will display a list of all your products.)
4. Check mark the product you want to edit, and press the Edit button to the right
5. Expand the More Options section
6. Select the Vendor or Manufacturer you had setup, as shown below:

Note: This will assign the product to the vendor or manufacturer

7. Expand the Shipping section
8. Under Ship From, select where the product will ship from, as shown below:

9. Press the Save Changes button
10. Repeat the process for additional products

Once this has been setup, you may want to perform a test order.  If you used your email address in the vendor's or manufacturer's information, you should get the notice that a product needs to be shipped.  If comes through correctly, you are now set.  All you need to do is replace your email address with your drop shipper's email address.

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