Creating a custom tax class

Certain states may require taxes on specific products, such as alcohol, tobacco, food, etc..  If you are selling a taxable product, you may need to setup a custom tax class for it, if it's not listed.  To do so, please perform the following steps:

1. Log into your e-Store Control Panel
2. From the Home tab, make sure “Advanced Mode” is set to on.  If it is not, click the text, which will turn it on
3. Select the Settings tab
4. Select Tax Classes from the category bar to the left
5. Under New Tax Class Name, type in the name of you new tax class, and press the New button, as shown below:

6. Select Taxes from the category bar to the left
7. Press the New button
8. Fill in the necessary information, then press the Save Changes button

Once this is done, you can now assign a product to the new tax class by expanding the Taxes section from General Info category, as shown below:

Note: To find out what taxes you are required to collect, please contact your state tax department.  

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