[Web Studio] Importing your site back into web studio

  1. Go to your site on the web with your browser
  2. Open Web Studio and create a new website.
  3. Add enough pages in Web Studio to handle the "lost" pages. Then for each lost page, go to it on the web, then copy and paste each object on the web page directly into Web Studio's page.
For text, just select it like you would in a word processor and copy it from the web page and then paste it into Web Studio.
    1. Also, you'll have to rename the pages to their original names. Then the links should all work as well.
    2. You'll have to re-layout the "lost" pages, and add backgrounds to the recovered pages, and re-link the pages, but it is better than starting over.
    3. Important: Remember to use Save As command from the File menu to create a backup of your file on a regular basis. Do this by saving it to a different name.

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