[Web Studio] How to password protect a folder

The password protection feature on the hosting account will protect the content at the folder-level; it does not protect single pages, unless the pages are in the protected folder.  This process is not automated, so it will require manual setup of usernames and passwords.  For information on how to setup password protection for your account, please perform the following steps:



Step 1: Creating the members folder


This step will create the members folder on your account


  1. Access your dashboard by going to http://panel.ihostnetworks.com
  2. Login with your domain name and password
  3. Click on the Open Website Control Panel icon under Services
  4. Click on the File Manager icon under Hosting
  5. Click the httpdocs folder
  6. Press the Add New Directory icon at the top
  7. Type in “Members” (without the quotes), press OK

Step 2: Assigning username and passwords


    1.  While you are still logged into the website control panel, at the top of the page, click the Home link

    2.  Click on the Web Directories icon under Hosting

    3. Click the “Members” folder

    4. Press the Protection tab

    5. Click the Add New User icon

    6. Assign a new username and password to the user, press OK

    7. Press Logout


Note: Repeat Step 6 for additional users.


Step 3:  Uploading your secure website data


To continue in Step 3, you will need to have created a separate WebStudio document that contains all your protected members content.


  1. Open your members content document in WebStudio
  2. In the Page List column to the right, make your home page has a house icon next to it.  If it doesn’t right-click on it, and select “Home Page”.
  3. From the WebHosting menu, select “Use another host for this site”
  4. Select Website -> Save Website to Internet
  5. Press Upload
  6. Press Next
  7. For Destination Name, enter the name of your website
  8. For Destination, select Other
  9. Press Next
  10.  For FTP address, enter “domain.ihoststudio.com” (without the quotes) (e.g. if your website is joespizza.com, please enter joespizza.ihoststudio.com)
  11.  For Remote Site Folder, enter the following:




  1.  Press Next
  2.  Enter the full address of your website (e.g. http://www.yourdomain.com)
  3.  Press Finish
  4.  Select the profile you just created, and press Upload
  5. Continue through the publisher until it uploads your website


Note: This will not override your current website.


Important: When you plan on uploading your main website, you will need to change the settings from “Use another host for this site” to “Use iHostStudio for this site” in the WebHosting menu in the WebStudio program.



Step 5: Testing the link


When you are done uploading your should be able to go to http://www.yourdomain.com/members/, and first login with invalid credentials to make sure it will not let you in.  Once you have verified the protection is working, login with the proper credentials so you can see the member’s content.


Note: When you get logged in, a cookie maybe placed in your computer so you may not be prompted for credentials next time.  You will see the username and password prompt again only when you clear out your browser cookies.




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