Adding an email forward

An email forward will allow you to send any incoming email to an external email address, such as Yahoo or MSN.  You would typically do this if you wanted to check all your email from an external account.  To setup an email forward, please perform the following steps:

Note: By setting up an email forward, you will loose the ability to check incoming email in the WebMail interface.

1. Click on the following link:

2. Enter your domain name and password
3. Press the Sign In button
4. Click the mail admin icon, or click on the site name for more details.  Once you see the account details click on the "admin" button under the "e-mail" section.
5. Your mail admin area will open in a new window (be sure you allow the new window if your popup blocker is turned on).
6. Select "mailboxes" to view all the email accounts you have set up.
7. Press the Edit button next to the user you want to edit, as shown below:

6. Press the Mailboxes tab at the top
7. Place a checkmark next to "Redirect mail to:", and enter your forwarding email address, as shown below:

8. Press the Update button

Note: to redirect to multiple email address, separate the email addresses with a comma "," (e.g,, Please do not use spaces after the commas.

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