How do I chmod 777 permissions?

If you need to "chmod 777 permissions", this is Unix/Linux command for Read, Write, and Execute permissions.  Since our servers are Windows-based we don't support this type of command.  However,  you can change the permissions on a folder through the website control panel.  Below are the instructions on how to do this.

1. Go to
2. Login with your domain name and password
3. Press the Open Website Control Panel icon under Services
4. Press the Web Directories icon
5. Select the folder you wish to change the permissions on
6. Press the Permissions icon
7. On the left, select "Plesk IIS User (IUSR_username)", on the right, checkmark the desired permissions (usually Read and Write)
8. Press OK

Note: The server does not support Execute permissions as this could compromise the server.

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