Updating Your Website Content

How to update an existing site using the Instant Publisher:
  1. To begin, select "Update an existing web site" and click Next...

  2. Select the site to update...
    1. In the Site Name field, choose the site you would like to update from the drop-down list.
      • If you have an open account, but it is not showing up in the Site Name field, you will need to perform a Site Recovery.
    2. In the Password field, enter the password for the selected site.
    3. Click Next...

  3. Change the upload options...
    1. You can choose to upload all the files that make up your site, or just those that have been changed since the last time the site was published.
      • For example, if you only changed one of several files that make up the site, you may want to choose the Upload Changes Since Last Updated option to save connection time to the server.
    2. Select either Upload your entire web site or Upload only changes to your web site.
    3. Click Next to start the upload process.

  4. Update progress display...
    1. This page simply shows animations depicting your site directory(ies) transmission to the server.
    2. You can click the Stop button at any time to interrupt the transmission of your files to the server. 
    3. Once your site updates are finished, you may view your site by clicking the "View Site Now" button, or view a publish report by clicking the "Publish Report" button.
    4. When you are done, click "Finish" to close the Instant Publisher.

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