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Creating a sale for your store is easy to do.  First you need to decide the sale type, discount type, and start and end dates.

Sale Type:
If you want everything in your store to go on sale, select “Store Wide Sale”, otherwise, select “Sale by Product”.
  If you select “Sale by Product” you will need to select the products you want to go on sale.

To find a product, type in part of the product name or SKU number is the search field and press the “Find” button, or press “Show All Product”.  The available product will show up on the right.  If the search results contain more than one page of products, you will have additional page numbers that you can click on above your available products. 

To add a product to the sale, checkmark the product(s) on the right, and press the “Add” button. 

To remove a product from the sale, checkmark the product on the left, and press the “Remove” button.

Discount Type
You can select either percent or dollar amount off the list price (manufacturer’s suggested price), site price, or above site cost. You will need to enter the amount to the right (without currency, or “%” formatting).

Start Date:
This is the first day of the sale (local server time)

End Date:
This is the last day of the sale (local server time)

Allow sale prices lower than cost?:
If you have entered “Site Cost” on your products, you can prevent the sale from exceeding this value, so you don’t take a loss.

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