Manage Store > Mailing Lists (Edit)

Edit Mailing List


This is the name of your mailing list.


If enabled, this will use blind carbon copy (bcc) to hide the email addresses of your customers (recommended).

To Search:

To search for a customer, select either Email, First Name, Last Name, or Username from the drop-down list, enter value and press the “Find” button.  If multiple pages are present, press the additional page icon.

If the user is not listed, you can manually create the user by going to Manage Store -> Users, and press the “New” button.  

To Add:

To add a customer to the mailing list, checkmark the user on the right, and press the “Add” button.

To Delete:

To delete a customer from the mailing list, checkmark the customer on the left, and press the “Remove” button.  This will not delete the customer, but only remove them from the mailing list.

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