Settings > Wholesale


Turn On Wholesale Mode?:
This enables wholesale mode for the store.

Allow Signup:
If signups are allowed, you can select "Moderate signups" to determine who can join the store.  You can also select "Do not moderate" if you want anyone to join.  If you disallow signups, you will keep your store private, and new customers must be manually added through Manage Store -> Users.

Restrict Signups By Domain:
If enabled, this option limits signups by the domain used by the customer's email address.  For example, you type in "" and press the "New" button, only people with a Yahoo email address can signup.  To remove a domain, select it from the list and press the "Delete" button.

Anonymous Users Can View:
This option restricts what anonymous users can view in the store.  If ”Products” is unchecked, anonymous users will get a login prompt, instead of the store homepage, when they go to the store.  Also, certain options require "Products" to be enabled.

Anonymous Users Ordering Instructions:
This adds information to the product page when anonymous users view it (if allowed).  Select "Sign Up Link" to provide a hyperlink to the signup page, "Custom" to add a message using the text window, or select "None" to disable special instructions.

Custom Content On Sign-In Page:
If "Products" is enabled for anonymous users, this adds information to the top or bottom of the Sign-In page.

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