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Before you create your option values, you will need to give it a name.  After you have named it and created all your values, press the "Save Changes" button.

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                            Drop-down List Option
                            Radio Button List Option
                            HTML Area Option
                            Accessory Checkbox Option
                            Accessory Radio Button List Option

Property Name:
Enter a property name for the option.  This value is seen only by the administrator on the order receipt email.  If you are setting up an option for size, you can call this "Size".

Display Name:
Enter a display name for the option.  This option is visible by the customer on the product page.  You can reuse the "Property Name" for this field.  

Press the "New" button to setup your first option value.

Note: Once you create your first value, you will need to press the "New" button again to create your next value.

Columns (Radio Button):
This allows you to specify how wide the radio button list should be. The default columns is 1.

This window allows you to add text, images, video and links.  To add HTML, press the "Edit HTML Source" icon in the upper-right corner.

Required Field? (Text Input):
This requires the customer to enter text in this field. 

Wrap Text? (Text Input):
If enabled, allows you to see the text on multiple lines.

Textbox Size (Text Input):
Enter the size of your textbox using rows and columns.  The default size is 1 row by 20 columns.

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