How to filter email in webmail

How to filter email in webmail

If you receive a lot of email, you can setup filters to route the mail to a specific folder.  This saves time and helps organize your inbox.  You can use it to filter emails from a specific person to a corresponding folder.  It can also be used to help filter spam or "undeliverable" emails.  To setup filters in your webmail account, please go through the following steps:

1. Login to your webmail account at
2. Press the Options tab
3. Go to Advanced > Mailbox Filtering, as shown below:

4. Checkmark "Enable Custom Mailbox Filtering", as shown below:

5. Press New Filter
6. Set your filtering options

    Filter Description: This is the name of your filter
    Filter Criteria: Checkmark the box how you are going to filter your email (e.g. by sender, by subject line, etc.)
    Criteria Data: Enter the corresponding Criteria Data based on the Filter Criteria you selected.  For example, if you checkmark "Massage From" under Filter Criteria, enter the email address you want to filter.
    Filter Action: This option allows you to take action based on the prior criteria options.
    Directory: If "Move Message to a Folder" is selected under Filter Actions, you can select the Directory to move the message to.

Note: If you are filtering spam, you would generally checkmark "Message Subject Contains" under Filter Criteria, and then enter your spam subject (e.g. viagra, pills, xxx, loan, etc.) under Criteria Data  You can also use it to filter "undeliverable" messages as shown below:

7. Press Save
8. Press Save

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