[Web Studio] Uploading through WebStudio's Publisher

If you would like to use the built-in WebStudio publisher to upload your website, please follow the directions below:

1. Open your website in WebStudio
2. Go to the WebHosting menu, checkmark "Use Passive FTP"
3. Go to WebHosting -> Use Another Host for this Site

Note: Sometimes the menu bar will not select this option, so you may need to select the "Use iHostStudio for this Site" option before you select "Use Another Host for this Site".

4. Go to Website -> Save Website to Internet...
5. Press Upload
6. Press New
7. Press Next
8. Under Destination Setting Name, enter a display name for website
9. Under Destination, select Other
10. Press Next
11. Enter your Username and Password, press Next
12. Under FTP address, enter domain.ihoststudio.com

Note: You will need to substitute the name of your website with domain.  For example, if your website was called joespizza.com, you would enter joespizza.ihoststudio.com.

13. Press Next
14. Under Remote Site Folder, enter httpdocs
15. Press Next
16. Enter the full path for your website (i.g. http://www.mydomain.com)
17. Press Finish
18. Select your new profile, press Upload

Note: The next time you upload your website, the profile will already be created for you.


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